Nanoka Magica is a fanfic by NanoByte360 based off of TheBronyPenguin's fanfic Puella Magi Nano Magica

It is a WIP



From the diary of Homura Akemi:

As I travel through time, in my efforts to save Madoka from Walpurgisnacht, I have almost always encountered

a very similar scenario each time, with only small differences between each timeline.  I always meet the same

people, play out the same events, and so far, they have all ended the same.  However, on the most recent

timeline I visited, I met someone who I had not yet met.  Her name was Nano, and she was just as much as

an anomaly as I.  In the end, this timeline ended as all of the former ones, but I thought that a detailed

recount of this timeline would be important.

Part 1

Nano awoke in a semi-comfortable seat.  He looked around him, and he saw a concrete wall, with a

pane of glass separating it and him.  As he continued to look about, he began to remember how he

got there.  He recalled his enrollment in his school's exchange student program, and he recalled being

selected to go to Japan.  At first he had mixed feeling, as he had always wanted to visit the large

Pacific island, he was worried about the difficulty of his classes, as he was not very good at math.  However, once

he had arrived, he discovered that that his class would be learning powers and square roots, which he was

ok as.  He looked at his watch, and saw that it was 5:00 AM on Saturday morning.  The night before, he got on

a train to visit Kyoto, the so called 'spiritual capital of Japan,' but he had fallen asleep on the

train.  Nano decided to leave the train car and look around.

As Nano left the abandoned train, he felt a feeling of dread come over him.  He turned to his left as he exited the

train, and began to walk down the long, concrete corridor.  It looked like a small subway tunnel.  As Nano continued down

the passage, the began to see changes in his surroundings.  The walls almost looked like a video, with random images and

meaningless words in German flashing across them, with chains hanging from the wall, and small creatures that looked

like large geckos.  Suddenly, Nano realised how odd his current position was.  He looked back from where he came from, but

he only saw an endless passage, still with the odd video-screen walls, chains, and geckos.  Suddenly, Nano felt something

behind him.  As he turned around, he saw a large, Victorian-era steam train speeding toward

him.  Nano jumped out of the way, with the train barrelling past him, nearly killing him.  "What the actual

fuck?" Nano said, as the train began to turn around.  As the train turned, Nano saw the train's

conductor, which seemed to be a large kaleidoscope mounted on a very tiny, cartoon-like body.  As the train began

charging toward him again, Nano heard an explosion come from behind the train.  The train lifted off of the tracks, and

began to fly toward him.  "Well fuck" Nano said as his life flashed before his eyes.  Suddenly, several yellow ribbons

wrapped themselves around Nano, and he was pulled away from the train just as it was about to smash into him.

When the yellow ribbons let Nano go, he looked up and saw a young girl, about his age.  She had

blonde hair, wore a funny little hat,a skirt, and a corset.  "Who are you, and what the hell is going on?"  Nano

asked the girl.  "My name is Mami Tomoe, and you've been caught in a witch's labyrinth, she said a she pulled a

silver musket from between her breasts.

As the steam train crash into the subway wall, the odd kaleidoscope creature jumped out.  Suddenly, a girl with blue

hair and wearing a cape jumped toward the creature, and drawing her sword, cut it clear in half.  A few seconds later,

the 'labyrinth' began to fade away, until only a small pin with what looked like a marble connected to it was left.

Mami walked over to it and picked it up, and held it close to a small, yellow egg-shaped crystal.  After a few seconds,

she tossed it to the blue-haired girl, who did the same thing, only her egg-shaped crystal was blue.  Suddenly, Nano heard

footsteps behind him, and he turned to see three more girls.  One had bright-pink hair, another dark-pink, and the last

one had black hair.  "Jeez, me and Madoka didn't even have to come out tonight," said the dark-pink haired girl.

"Well, I'm sure there are more witches we could slay tonight,Kyoko, bigger ones.  This one was probably a very young witch

or an older familiar," said Mami.  "Say, who the hell is this?" asked the dark-pink haired one, pointing at Nano.

"Good question," said Mami.  "Well then, what the hell's your name?" demanded Kyoko, looking at Nano.  "My name is Nano,

would you mind explaining what the hell just happened?" Nano replied.  "Hey!  I'm asking the questions here!" Kyoko said.

"Well, what are we gonna do with him?  We can't say this was just a dream, and we can't have him telling people about

this," Kyoko said, "I think we should just kill him."  Nano was shocked.  "Well we can't do that, he hasn't done

anything to deserve it, and that would make us just as bad as the witches we fight." Said the other pink-haired girl.

"Well, Kyoko makes a good point," said the blue-haired girl, "He could be a liability."  "No, no, we won't be

killing him," said Mami.  Nano was relieved, but still confused and scared.  "Um... would you mind explaining what's

going on?" asked Nano.  "Ah yes, I can explain," said a voice in Nano's head.  Nano was shocked to hear a voice

that was not his in his brain, and looked around.  He spotted an odd cat-like creature sitting on Mami's shoulder.

"My name is Kyubey, and I will explain all of this to you, Nano."