Godzilla: Uprising is a fanfic by NanoByte360

It is a WIP

Part 1

On February 28th, 2016, and earthquake rocked Japan.  This earthquake was massive, unlike any Japan had felt before.  Tokyo was in ruins, thousands of citizens were displaced, and Japan's economy crashed as word of the disaster spread to investors.  2 weeks later, radioactive anomalies were recorded 600 miles off Japan's coast, and a research vessel was deployed to collect data on the oddities.  When the boat arrived, the water was boiling, and there was no sign of life in the water.  As they got closer to the site, they detected a large object under the water.  Suddenly, a sound that was similar to that of a building collapsing erupted from the water, followed by a beam of blue light.  The ship's Geiger counter immediately detected extremely large amounts of radiation, where were later compared to that of what was left by a large atom bomb.  As the light continued to surge into the sky, she front of the ship began to slowly melt.  As a crew member approached it, he was killed instantly.  The ship turned around and returned to Japan, where the data collected was reviewed.  The front of the ship was revealed to had been turned into corium, and the temperature was recorded at 60000 degrees Celsius.